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August 30, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Pacific Mist™ Clean Breeze Room & Fabric Refresher

From $1.95

  • 2oz Spray
  • 24oz Bottle
  • Case (12 Bottles)
  • Bucket (5 Gallons)
  • Drum (55 Gallons)

Pacific Mist™ is a water-based deodorant that eliminates the source of the odor. With the help of an excapsulator and other properties Pacific Mist suppresses and counteracts the strongest odors; pet odors, smoke, garbage and more.

Safe to use on all water-washable surfaces, and excellent for use on restroom floors, toilets and fixtures.

Available in 24 oz. bottles and cases of 12.

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2oz Spray, 24oz Bottle, Case (12 Bottles), Bucket (5 Gallons), Drum (55 Gallons)

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