Urinal Mat Natural Anti-Bacterial Restroom Floor Mat
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Urinal Mat Natural Anti-Bacterial Restroom Floor Mat

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Pacific Breeze Urinal Mat

Designed to be ergonomic and prevent spreading of urine on the restroom floor.

One-of-a-kind urinal mat design! We catch what you miss.

What is it?

Check out the new urinal mat designed by Pacific Breeze USA. It’s a brand new one-of-a-kind design.  Our design has never been seen before. The unique ergonomic design prevents users from stepping on the urinal mat. Users will no longer track urine around the restroom floor. Reverse the mat too… it still works. Customers perception of your facility will dramatically improve. Include this and a few simple changes to refresh your restroom. Add a urinal mat to your restroom and see the difference. Save time, money, and labor. Simply add our Pacific Breeze Urinal Mat product to your restroom.

Why use a urinal mat?

The natural anti-microbial matting offers protection on your floors. It works to prevents odors from lingering. Catch almost everything that is missed in your restroom. With the mat placed directly under the fixture – it protects the floor from urine acid damage and discoloration. Unwanted splashes or drips are absorbed. Urine odors are then neutralized. Urinal Mats also prevent cross-contamination by eliminating the tracking of urine on shoes from the restroom to other parts of the building. Adding a urinal mat is a simple decision.

Save thousands in floor repairs & replacement costs…

By utilizing our urinal mat you will save hundreds, if not thousands in the long run. Urine eats away at tiling, grout, laminate, wood, and many other flooring types. This uric acid if untreated can lead to a large area of discoloration and damage in the restroom. Preventing urine from coming in contact with the floor will save you from having you replace the flooring. Save in repair and replacement costs over the long run. Don’t forget to replace your urinal mat. After use simply discard. Replace the urinal mat with a brand new one.

For Urinals and Restrooms
Available – 1 EA, 1 Box (6 EA), and 1 Master Case (36 EA.)

Interested in having your own custom logo printed on urinal mats for your business? Contact us for pricing!

custom pacific breeze urinal mat

Please call us at 1-800-467-5285 for Wholesale Pricing!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Tan, Grey


1 Mat, 1 Box (6 Mats), 1 Case (36 Mats)


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